Friday, 25 May 2012

LinkedIn for B2B

Linkedin is one the best social media for B2B purposes. It perfectly suits for lead generation, brand awareness and professional networking. 

Linkedin is also the centre of many infographics that you can find on the web, explaining different facts and tips about the social network. Some of them are valuable sources of insights on the use of Linkedin for companies’ activities.

The 7 reasons why B2B companies should be on social media

Social media are not only designed for B2C companies, and here are 7 reasons:

#1. Social network use is still increasing
That's a fact, the creation of Facebook eight years ago has considerably changed the way we live, the way we spend time on internet, and the way we consume information. The result is that we pay less and less attention to traditional media, such as TV and press. Therefore, B2B marketers must be present where customers, workers and leads are and spend their time in order to reach them more efficiently.

B2B Marketing Insights is out!


Friday, 25th of May, my new blog B2B Marketing Insights is unleashed on the web!